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About the Handling of Personal Information

INTAGE Inc. (hereinafter referred to as “INTAGE”) will use the user’s personal information entered in the application form within the scope of the following purposes of use. Your understanding would be appreciated.

1. Responses to opinions, requests, inquiries, requests for subscriptions to e-mail newsletters, applications for seminars, and requests to send various documents and materials
2. Analysis to improve products and services and to improve response services
3. Marketing activities via telephone, e-mail, etc.
4. Provision to each INTAGE Group Company within the scope of the purposes of use of items 1 to 3 above in order to provide optimum information to users
* Marketing activities via telephone, e-mail, etc. only apply to those who selected “Request for Information (e-mail newsletters, seminars, etc.).”

Please see the link below for our privacy policy and handling of personal information, as well as the person in charge of managing personal information and the contact point for inquiries.

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